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Creating great models using Blender

One can create polygons, faces, colors etc. using plain Three.JS but it will be very tedious in that manner.
As seen in the previous tutorial: Polygon creation using Three.JS, it is difficult to manually define each vertex, assess its relative position etc.
Fortunately, there are several tools to help automate this.

One such tool is the open source Blender.
Its a free software and can be used to model
several complex objects.
For example, the following image of a shiny
coffee cup is created using Blender:
There are several tutorials
available free of cost to
help you master Blender.

The above cup was made by
following this great 30-minute
video on the left hand side.

Important: By default, Blender does
not export data in JavaScript friendly
JSON format.
To get the option of exporting as
File -> Export -> ThreeJS format,
blender plugin io_mesh_threejs is

Some shortcuts helpful in working with Blender are as follows:
Operation Menu Keyboard Shortcut
Bottom-left Select Menu
Select a group of vertices Select -> Border B
(De)Select All Select -> (De)Select All A
Select multiple objects Shift + Right-Click
Bottom-left View Menu
Front, Back, Bottom, Top,
Right, Left views
NumPad 1,3,7
with/without Ctrl
Bottom-left Modes Menu
Edit Mode: Shows you vertices, edges
and faces of the object for editing
Object Mode : Shows you the complete object.
If an object is not being edited, it
is important to move an object from
edit mode to object mode, else it is edited
along with other objects in the edit mode.
Other Shortcuts
Scale S
Then press x/y/z to
restrict scaling
Extrude R
Then press x/y/z to
restrict extruding
Rotate Current View Drag with middle mouse button
Move the scene as a whole Shift + Middle Mouse Button
Create mesh from curve Bottom-left: Object menu -> Convert To -> Mesh from Curve
To join multiple objects
into one object
Bottom-left: Object menu -> Join Ctrl + J
Create face from selected vertices Mesh -> Faces -> Make Face F
Subdivide loops Ctrl + R
Switch between project
and rendered output

Some screenshots of Blender at work with above options:

Final Result

Note: The cup is slightly broken as it accidently fell down while rotating too fast :)
Settings Light 1   Light 2
Flicker Lights   Pause

Visible    Wireframe    Skinning    Transparent


We have two lights in the above scene - white and yellow.
And in the animation loop, we randomly change the intensity of those two lights.
That is why the light on the cup appears to flicker.

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