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Useful Solr Analysis Options

Some of the options can be specified per field in schema.xml.
  1. omitNorms: As described in Lucene Matching, "fieldNorms" can be used to apply index-time boosts on fields and provide higher score to documents with higher percentage of the search term. However, if such a feature is not required (for example, inputs to Solr are expected to be non-text fields), then its best to turn this option off. This will save index space.

  2. termVectors: As described in Why Solr?, "termVectors" store the position of field in the document. This is helpful when executing queries like "More like this". If such queries are not expected, turn this option off to save index space.

  3. termPositions / termOffset: This option is used during hit highlighting and should be turned off to save index space if highlighting is not required.

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