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Function annotations

Function annotations are not used by the python compiler but can be used by other programs to extract some meaningful information.
Syntax for specifying an annotation is:
  1. For an argument, it is : <annotation>
  2. For a return argument, it is -> <annotation> :
Note that the position of ':' is different in both the cases.

__annotations__ can be used to print the annotations of a function.


# below function has 3 annotations: 2 for each argument, and one for the return argument.
>>> def func (arg1 : 'some-annotation', arg2 : 50 = 'hiii') -> ('tple', 'annotation'):
...     print (func.__annotations__)

# call the function to print all the annotations
>>> func ('okkk')
{'return': ('tple', 'annotation'), 'arg2': 50, 'arg1': 'some-annotation'}

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