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Comparison of Databases

Name No-SQL Open
API / Drivers
Shardable Supported By Major Users
1 Oracle No No 1980 Java Yes, but costly Oracle Many many companies
2 MySQL No Yes 1995 Several Yes, using MySQL Cluster Oracle Wikipedia, Facebook, Google,
Twitter, Flickr, Youtube
3 PostgreSQL No Yes 1995 . . PostgreSQL Global
Development Group

No-SQL Databases

(Note how recent these databases are)
4 Couch DB Yes Yes 2005, 2008 JavaScript Yes Apache BBC, Credit Suisse, Meebo
5 MongoDB Yes Yes 2007 Several Languages Yes 10gen Metlife, Craigslist, SAP, Forbes,
Sourceforge, eBay,
Shutterfly (18 billion pics in 2013)

Others Databases

(Most of these other-than-SQL systems have started popping in the last decade only)
6 Cassandra Hybrid between Key-Value
and tabular database
Yes 2008 Java, Python and Node.JS Yes, Readily Scalable Facebook,
Now Apache
Cisco's WebEx, Digg,
Facebook used, then switched to HBase
Netflix for streaming movies,
7 Solr . Yes 2004 Java, HTTP and
many others
Yes, with SolrCloud Apache .
8 Hadoop . Yes 2005 Java . Apache Yahoo claimed 10k Hadoop cluster in 2008
Facebook claimed storing 100 PB of data in 2012
More than half of Fortune 50 use Hadoop.
9 Redis In-Memory Key-Value Store Yes 2009 Almost All . Pivotal .

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