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Service Loader

ServiceLoader in java is used to load all the implementations corresponding to a service.
Following definitions hold true for the above statement:
Service : A set of interfaces or abstract classes.

Service Provider: Classes that provide an implementation of a Service. 
   A service provider class must have a zero-argument constructor so that it can be instantiated by reflection.
   A service provider is identified by placing a provider-configuration 
   file in the resource directory META-INF/services. 
   The file's name is the fully-qualified binary name of the service's type and 
   it contains a list of fully-qualified binary names of concrete provider classes, one per line.

Service Loader: A loader loads all the providers(implementations) for a service(interface/abstract-class).
  It locates the providers from the META-INF/services/<fully-qualified-interface-name>
  The providers are instantiated using their no-args constructors.
  After loading, the ServiceLoader maintains a list of all the provider objects.
  Application needs to iterate through this list and select the one most suitable for their needs.

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