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HTML Image-Map

An image map is one image with multiple "clickable" areas.

For example: Hover your mouse over the below image:
(Note, that each shape is linked to a different URL)

Rectangle Circle Polygon

HTML for the same is:

<img src="map.png" usemap="#demomap">

<map name="demomap">
  <area shape="rect"   coords="6,36,100,130" alt="Rectangle" href="javascript:sayRect()">
  <area shape="circle" coords="157,34,32"    alt="Circle"    href="2.html">
  <area shape="poly"   coords="156,94,  191,111, 193,137, 160, 152, 122,152, 126, 110" alt="Polygon" href="3.html">

This comes really handy when there is a complex image and its different areas need to be tagged.

An example could be a group-photograph uploaded to a social networking site which provides the ability to tag different people in the photograph such that viewers can click anybody's image in the group photograph to go to their profile.

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