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Git operators

.. operator

  1. git log branch1..branch2 (shows logs from commits present in branch2 but not in branch1)
  2. git log origin/master..HEAD (shows what you are about to push to origin/master from HEAD)

~ and ^ operator

Covered in git show

--not operator and ^ operator used as negation

^ operator can also be used as a negation operator in which case it becomes equivalent to the --not operator.
For example: the following commands are same:
  1. git log branch1..branch2
  2. git log ^branch1 branch2
  3. git log branch2 --not branch1

This becomes useful when operating on multiple branches.
For example: the following commands are same:
  1. git log branch1 branch2 ^branch3
  2. git log branch2 branch2 --not branch3

... operator

git log branch1...branch2 will show commits present in branch1 OR branch2 but not in both.
It can be combined with --left-right operator to show which commit belongs to which branch.
git log --left--right branch1...branch2

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