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Tagging in Git

git tag (lists all the tags)
git tag -l 'release-*' (allows you to filter tags matching release-*)
git tag -a <tag-name> (creates a tag. -a instructs git to store tagger's information like email, name, date etc)
git show <tag-name> (shows all the information about a tag)

You can also create tags for previous commits.
To do this, find out the checksum of the previous commit using git log --pretty=online
Then tag it normally, but specify the checksum.
git tag -a 'tag for alpha release' -m 'forgot to create tag' fga878fsdjhfd0fhd8 (The last argument is the checksum)

Tags are not pushed to remote servers by default.
To do that, use the following 2 commands:
git push <remote-name> <tag-name> (pushes the specified tag)
git push <remote-name> --tags (pushes all the tags)

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