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Introduction to Git

Git is a Version Control System (VCS) used most often by software developers to maintain different versions/branches of source code.
Features of Git:
  1. Allows several developers to collaborate on a project by keeping every developer's repository separate from others.
  2. Helps in release management of software projects by allowing branching and tagging facilities.
  3. Is blazing fast as compared to other VCs like SVN and CVS.
  4. Has features built into it to allow merging of code from several developers.
  5. Maintains history of changes made to files.
  6. Allows retrieval of older version of files.

Major difference between git and other VCSs is that git copies all versions of all files to every local repository.
This is unlike other VCSs which store incremental differences between versions in a central repository.
For performance, Git makes a copy of a file only if its changed else it just stores a link to the older file.

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