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100 statements

Puzzle: There are 100 statements.
1st one says : at least one is wrong.
2nd one says : at least two are wrong.
3rd one says : at least three are wrong.
and so on.
100th one says : at least 100 are wrong.

How many statements are actually wrong and how many actually right ?

Solution: 100th statement is definitely wrong because it says at least 100 are wrong.
But if that is correct, then 100 statement itself cannot be right.
=> 100th statement is wrong and
=> 1st statement is correct.

99th statement cannot be correct because if it were correct,
then two statements would become correct (1st and 99th itself.)

But 99th statement says that atleast 99 are wrong.
=> 99th is wrong and
=> 2nd is correct.

calculating so on...
50 statements are right (the first 50 ones)
remaining 50 statements are wrong.

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