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Crack that interview for a back-end software engineer

A back-end software engineer is expected to be well versed with areas like performance tuning, complex data structures, order analysis of algorithms, multi-threading critical areas like those in heavily loaded servers etc.

Accordingly, the following areas need to be practiced for a back-end software engineer:

  1. Algorithms
  2. Arrays
  3. Binary Trees
  4. Linked Lists
  5. Dynamic Programming (Very hot area for today's interviews)
  6. Miscellaneous programming puzzles
  7. Pattern matching algorithms

Facing the Java interview

To prepare for a Java interview, you need to practice the following topics:
(in addition to the topics for back-end software engineer)

  1. Basics of Java
  2. Java Design Patterns
  3. Multi-threading in Java

Back-end web developer interview

For a back-end web developer, several other things creep into the interview process.
Database-design, query tuning, caching, digital certificates etc. are topics good to know about, although many of them are increasingly becoming compulsory and a candidate with more than 3 years of experience must know about these:

  1. SQL(Query language for database interaction)
  2. Java Servlets (Ignore this if your back-end is non-Java)
  3. SOAP vs REST(Most commonly asked topic)
  4. Hibernate(Provides object orientation features to plain SQL)
  5. Caching strategies(Good to know)

I am done with all of the above, now what?

Congratulations on completing the above. You are now ready for most of the back-end interviews and your chances of cracking a back-end software interview are very high. To make a great impression, you can go through the following areas too:

  1. Big data and cloud
  2. Digital Security
  3. Artificial Intelligence
  4. Bitwise operators
  5. Suffix Trees
  6. Brain Teasers and General Puzzles
  7. Computer Networks

I am a full-stack engineer, UI developer

If you are a full-stack developer, you will need to hone UI development skills too.
Following topics can help you make a complete fit!

  1. HTML
  2. Javascript
  3. CSS

All right, I am the last man standing, what else you got?

Python is an all-rounder and a must know for all software developers.
It is great for prototyping and helps you achieve great functionality in extremely few lines of code.
If you have time, go through the below one:

  1. Python - 0 to 60 in few hours!

From here, the road to becoming a successful engineer goes through several frameworks and tools which are better read on their own websites.
Hadoop, Node.js, Closure, Erlang, Scala, JQuery, CSS3, HTML5, Highcharts, SlickGrid, Django, AngularJS and the list goes ON and ON.
We leave you a free individual to explore this wonderful journey on your own.
Good luck and have fun!!

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