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Solr Core vs Collection

Few of the most confusing terms in Solr world are: Core, Collection and Index.
We try to provide an informal way of describing these hot keywords:

In distributed search,
Collection is a logical index spread across multiple servers.
Core is that part of server which runs one collection.

In non-distributed search,
Single server running the Solr can have multiple collections and each of those collection is also a core.
So collection and core are same if search is not distributed.

  1. Collection per server is called a core.

  2. One Solr server can have many cores.
    By virtue of #1, it will have same number of collections as well.

  3. Roughly speaking, Collection is nothing but a logical index.
    (Example usage for multiple collections: If two teams in same group are not big enough to justify a full Solr server of their own. But they also do not want to mix their data in a single index. They can then create separate collections/indexes which will keep their data separate).

  4. Its better to use a separate Solr Cloud rather than create collections if the data for a collection is big enough.

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